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本文摘要:Apple is going to pay the American teenager who discovered a security flaw in the companys FaceTime system.苹果公司将向在FaceTime系统中找到安全漏洞的美国孩子借钱。

Apple is going to pay the American teenager who discovered a security flaw in the companys FaceTime system.苹果公司将向在FaceTime系统中找到安全漏洞的美国孩子借钱。Grant Thompson, a 14-year-old from Arizona, found a bug that meant he could listen in to group chats on the video-calling service.来自亚利桑那州的14岁的格兰特汤普森找到了可以通过视频通话服务监听群聊的漏洞。The bug meant an iPhone could be turned into a live microphone while using Group FaceTime, with callers able to activate another persons microphone remotely even before the person has accepted or rejected the call.该漏洞意味著iPhone可以在用于多人FaceTime时变为麦克风,即使在此人电话或拒绝接受调用之前,呼叫者也需要远程转录另一个人的麦克风。

It has not yet been revealed how much the teenager and his family will receive. Apple also plans to give him an additional gift towards his education, reports say.目前还不告诉这个孩子及其家人不会接到多少钱。据报导,苹果公司还计划向他的教育获取额外的礼物。Grant Thompson and his mother said they tried to contact the company about the problem for more than a week before Apple turned off the group-chat feature.格兰特汤普森和他的母亲说道,在苹果重开群聊功能之前,他们曾企图联系苹果一个多星期。Apple has since released an iPhone update to fix the FaceTime flaw. The software change became available to install on Thursday as a part of Apples iOS 12system.Apple已公布iPhone改版以修缮FaceTime漏洞。



作为Apple iOS 12系统的一部分,软件更改可于周四开始加装。The new version includes a message saying it “provides important security updates and is recommended for all users”.新版本包括一条消息,称之为其“获取最重要的安全更新,建议所有用户用于”。The privacy bug was not just limited to iPhones. All devices that allow group FaceTime, including iPads and Macs, each have their own software update.这个牵涉到隐私的漏洞不仅仅限于iPhone。




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